Krystal Muse Incorporated is a Los Angeles/Atlanta based creative production corporation. Founded in 2019 by actress, Krystal M. Harris, the corporation's motto is to make "Movies that Matter." From creating content from the ground up, to casting, producing, and directing, the corporation is able to succesfully realize the vision and the importance of the story. 

In 2020, Krystal Muse Incorporated acquired KMH Casting, a full-service casting agency that primarily operated in Los Angeles. Bringing KMH Casting to the Atlanta market is an exciting venture that promises to find the right talent for the part by using relationships that KMH Casting already has and blending it with a hunter-mindset that focuses not just on the name recognition of today, but rather finding the names of the future. Employing much of famed casting director, Marion Dougherty's approach to casting, KMH Casting casts a specific net that looks at the project and the role as a whole and finds the talent that will make the role come to life. It is detailed, crafted, and most importantly effective. 

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Krystal M. Harris was born and raised in various parts of Northern California. Moving from the urban Bay Area  to a ranch style home on eighteen acres of rural Nevada County to the single family home and suburban lifestyle in Stockton and Sacramento, Harris was exposed to many different types of people, lifestyles, and cultures. She discovered a love for real people, their lives and their stories. She knew that she wanted to be a storyteller, and the medium of film and television gave her that opportunity. She discovered a love for the craft of acting and after many years training with the best acting schools in Los Angeles and London, England, Harris began expanding her love of stories into overall media development. 

Harris began writing for the screen,  producing scripts for production houses based in Los Angeles and further expanded into the Southeast Region. Her works can be seen on Nickelodeon, Amazon Prime, and her original content is eyeing theater distribution in the upcoming year. Harris specializes in character-driven dramas and fantasy narratives in both film and television mediums.

Harris has worked as an actress on shows like CSI Miami,Shameless, Ray Donovan, and Parks and Recreation, and became a fan favorite in the BET mini-series, “The New Edition Story.”

Krystal M. Harris is also an award-winning director, who is planning her feature debut in 2022. 

"Little Girls with DREAMS become Women with VISION"

— Unknown

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