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The Black Box

LACY MILLER, a self-described ally to the Black cause, receives a birthday gift from her one Black friend- an invitation to the newly opened museum, The Black Box. What begins as a hashtag-worthy charitable excursion quickly devolves into a terror-filled history lesson that she will never forget.

New Series


Premiering May 5, 2021

Six strangers receive an exclusive invite to a new social media experiment which promises positive, uplifting, true friendship and connectivity. What they come to learn is that they were connected all along… THEY were the experiment. A pioneering series that was filmed completely virtually with a talented cast from Atlanta, Los Angeles, and London during the height of the 2020 Pandemic.


Short- Film Pitch for Television Series

The New Jim Crow: Majority Rules

Now Streaming on Prime Video

“We are minorities only because we are unaware, that if we unite, our collective voice becomes the majority.” –Kandi Lewis

There is a new war being waged on minorities in America, it started in the 80’s and has risen rapidly ever since. However, it is a silent war, a secret war, one that too few know about, even though they are the targets and eventual victims of this this undercover warfare. What has transpired is an evolution in the long standing Race War. Jim Crow has been revamped, refurbished, and retooled to better operate in a society who believes it is now colorblind. It is not... and we are no longer blind to the system at play. 

This is The New Jim Crow, and These Are The Majority Rules.

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Limited Series



SIX. TRIPLE. EIGHT. Tells the unforgettable, yet overlooked story of the courageous women of The United States 6888th Battalion. The first and only all Black, all female battalion to serve our country overseas during World War II. Fighting through racism at home, disparate opportunities, sexism and sexual harassment inside the military, these powerful Black women would not back down. No one thought that they could do it. They were blocked at every turn. They suffered terrible losses and yet, they succeeded and exceeded expectations. It is time the world knows their names and the incredible impact that they had on our country. Limited series written by: Krystal M. Harris. Series is represented by Rascality Entertainment.

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