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KINDLE: Magellan the Magical: Or How Dreams Become Real

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Despite everything grown-ups have told you… Magic does exist!

And it is waiting for you to learn the secret and begin to wield its power to transform your dreams into a fantastical reality. Just like Kodi did.

Kodi is an only child who is struggling to find his place in the world.  He is constantly bullied, he doesn’t have any friends, and even though his parents love him… he often feels sad and alone. But all of that changes when he is mysteriously given a stuffed toy wolf named Magellan by a kindly old woman. 

Kodi soon realizes that Magellan is no wolf at all… Magellan is actually an Enchanted Dreamweaver who has the secret recipe to unlocking true magic.

Together, Kodi and Magellan journey through mystic dreamlands and learn the lessons needed to make those same dreams real.


Magellan The Magical is a beautiful tale about the universal law of attraction. It teaches children that no matter how hard life gets… you always have the power to access the magic needed to make your dreams come true. It even reminds parents about the lessons that they may have forgotten. Although simple enough for children to understand,  Magellan the Magical maintains the authentic principles of the law of attraction. This book provides an eternal roadmap to teach children about the real-world implications of getting everything you dream of, even if the way the dream unfolds is through hard-learned lessons and experiences. In truth, it gives young ones the tools to become masters of their own destiny early in life in an unforgettable and visually stunning story that will resonate and stay with them for a lifetime.

Available in Hardcover and E-book formats starting at $6.99

 Limited Signed and Specialized hardcover first print editions available for an additional price.

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