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Magellan The Magical: The Dream Journal

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The Dream Journal is a companion guide and workbook to the upcoming children’s book, Magellan the Magical: Or How Dreams Become Real, written by Krystal M. Harris and illustrated by Lorinda Tomko. This journal helps children of all ages harness the power of their creative energy to not only deal with everyday struggles like bullying, trying to fit in, physical changes, or problems at home… but it also instills in them the positive mindset necessary to make their own dreams reality.   

This is not an affirmations journal, instead, it utilizes the universal principles of the law of attraction in an easy-to-understand format so that children can take hold of their destiny and their dreams from a young age. 

This is the journal for parents that want their children to use their imagination and create, for parents that want their children to succeed beyond all perceived limitations, and for the parents that want to give their children the secret to a happy and fulfilled life from the very start. 

Filled with exercises, mantras, writing prompts, and practices this journal will introduce children to the law of attraction all while entertaining them with a sneak peek at the beautiful illustrations from the book, which will be published on April 30, 2022. 

For Ages 5- 17, this journal is simple enough for pre-k and kindergarten children who are brimming with creativity, to start to exercise these easy practices… but also works for older children because they can grasp the messages in the text while also rediscovering their inner child who might have lost sight of the importance of play.

If you find that your child is stuck in a rut creatively or behaviorally, this journal will help them to see the rainbow on the other side of their struggle and to start imagining and manifesting the life of their dreams. 

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